What If You Could Pay Off ALL Of Your Bills (Including Mortgage or Rent) For the Year?

To join our team, get back with the person who referred you to this website. You still have time for prime positioning if you join before the end of the second quarter of 2021.

How Would You Like to Finally Start a  Business That Will Teach You How to Earn Income Daily, at Will?

Did you know that you could be making money every day without ever having to talk to anyone or build a team? Our team has chosen to partner with an amazing company that will teach you exactly how it's done. If you have a call phone, an internet connection, and 30 minutes a day, you're good to go.



Forex Trading is a 7 trillion dollar industry where anyone can participate. Most of us didn't learn these things in school. Now we have the opportunity to participate in a market that is no longer reserved for the big banks and extremely wealthy. It's now something that you can do, as well.

Grab the Best Open Position Right NOW !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Us

If the company was to put an individual price on everything that they offer when you become a customer or a business owner, it would be worth thousands of dollars. Below are just a few of the benefits you'll receive.

Trade Academy Education

Get extensive video trainings covering a vast scope of forex trading. You'll also get assignments designed to ensure that you are grasping each important subject.

Trade Ideas

Receive our "copy and paste" trade alerts which will help you to practice and earn while you learn. Use them in a "demo" account until you're ready to use real money.

Trade Strategies

Designed to help you learn how to trade based on specific, pre-meditated principles, where you can establish consistency and repeatability in your trading.

Trade Indicators

If you're new to trading, you can get help identifying certain signals and trends within the market. These tools will help you know when to buy, sell, or do nothing at all.

Residual Income Opportunity

Become an Independent Business Owner, and give yourself a major raise. Our powerful and aggressive compensation plan can make it happen in record time.

Live Trade Sessions

You'll get 30 hours per week of live trading sessions. These sessions are "live" and you can watch "over-the-shoulder" as you take notes follow along.

Trade Community

Trading is fun, but you'll find it to be even more fun (and profitable) when you can connect with others who are also new and learning. We have groups for all levels. 

Robust Online Business Center

Your company back-office helps to keep you on top of every aspect of your business. Everything is in place for you to track your stats and keep your business records.

Peter Hirsch, the Founder of NCREASE, Has Been Endorsed By the Best of the Best

The heart of our company is about more than money. It's also about purpose and impact.

John C. Maxwell

Founder, The INJOY Group

Peter has opened the door for thousands to enter into success. He will inspire you to live every day with passion as you embrace your purpose.

Zig Ziglar

Author, See You at the Top

When I adopted many of the principles which Peter discusses with such passion, every facet of my own life was impacted and enriched.

Jim Rhon

Foremost Business Philosopher

The simple truths that Peter Hirsch teaches are a blueprint for living a life of purpose, success and significance.

Now, Let's Talk About the Benefits of Joining Our Team

For starters, we don't hype you up to let you down. We give you tools and systems that actually work.

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New Member Onboarding
Coaching Session

The most important thing that happens for a new team member is the way you get started. You need to know exactly what to do on day 1, 2, 3, and beyond. You also need to know exactly how to help your new members get started right. Our team Onboarding System ensures that you get started the right way.


Fast-Start Coaching Session

After you get all of your systems set up and you fully understand your back office, we have a conversation with you (if you desire) to determine where you want to set your goals. Then we give you action steps that will help you reach those goals. You'll know exactly what you need to do, when to do it and how. Our goal is to help you win.



Fast-Start Power Launch
Business Launch

For those who choose to build a team, launching your business is important. We'll show you what happens during a launch and we do the launch for you. This helps your team to start growing right away and puts them on a path to wash, rinse, and repeat the process. Launching your business is key to your success.


Team Mastermind Recording

You'll receive a recording of our very first Mastermind Call. We want to make sure that you understand our vision as a team and the goals that we have. This recording will put you right in sync with the team and ensure that you know exactly where to go for any type of help and assistance that you may need. This call will set you on the right path for sure.

Mastermind Recording


Team Training Calls
Team Training Calls

To keep our team growing and learning, we have regular calls for training and information. We know the importance of synergy within a team and our goal is that even the newest member has the same motivation that we've had since the beginning. Our calls are live, but are also recorded so that no one misses out.


Team Presentations

To make sure that you always have ways to share your business, we do live presentations daily. We also have pre-recorded presentations. We teach you how to use both so that you're able to get the most out of these presentations. This helps us duplicate while our leaders are in the process of growing and learning how to plug in to all the systems.



Team Facebook Groups

As soon as you join, you'll be invited into our team Facebook Group. The purpose of this group is to keep you informed of all of the team activities, calls, trainings and more. It's also where we celebrate and recognize the wonderful successes of our team members. Be sure to check often to stay informed of everything we have going on.


Team Telegram Chats

Like the Facebook Group, our Telegram chat allows us to share minute-by-minute information. In the chat we drop wonderful nuggets of "right now" information that you won't want to miss. This is another system we utilize to offer duplication across the board for our entire team. Be sure to plug in and get your team members plugged in, as well.



 What If We Could Make It Even Sweeter?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does. We want to ensure that EVERY team member who wants to build a team has all of the tools and systems in place so you can build, grow, and duplicate. 

Bonus 1
NcreaseU Laptop
Team Marketing System

At NCREASE we are always celebrating the success of everyone, regardless of the team they're on. But let's be real. This is not a competition, but it is a business and to be successful in any business you have to stand out from the crowd.

Our marketing system has been designed simply to allow our team members an easy way to duplicate success and make sure that everyone who desires, can build and grow.

Bonus 2
Team Website
Team Website

The site that you are viewing right now is designed specifically for our team. In this day and age, people will do their research and due diligence. We wanted to make sure that when your prospects want to know more about the team you're on, that you have a way to give them clear insight as to who we are.

This is also where we house a lot of the training that we do for our team. Keeping everything in one place keeps it super simple.

Bonus 3
Team Rotator
Straight-Line Team-Build

As our team grows, we strategically place new people beneath those who are already on the team. This means that there is a strong possibility that you'll have people in your organization that you don't even know.

It's called "spill-over" and "spill-under." While it's not guaranteed and won't build your entire business, it will give you a jump-start to success as you are growing your team. Joining early gives you the best advantage.

Why Choose Global Wealth Expansion Team?

When you join NCREASE with our team, you're not just joining another mlm organization. You're joining a family. Our family is all about everybody succeeding, not just a select few. We realize that none of us are really winning unless all of us are making it happen. While we can't do the work for you, we can definitely make sure you have the resources you need to reach your desired goals. Our goal is to be the solution for every person who has tried to make it in this amazing industry and has failed..., whatever the reason.

Look below and see a recap of everything that you'll get, for joining NCREASE and being a member of our amazing team.


Everything to Help You Learn Forex Trading and Becoming an Independent Business Owner


Everything to Help You Learn Marketing, Grow a Team, and Earn Residual Income

  • Trade Academy
  • Trade Ideas
  • Binary Options Trade Strategies
  • Forex Trade Strategies
  • Trade Community
  • Back Office Management
  • Business Opportunity
  • Philanthropy Participation
  • New Member Onboarding
  • Fast Start Coaching Session
  • Fast-start Power Launch
  • Team Mastermind Recording
  • Team Training Calls
  • Team Presentations
  • Team Marketing System
  • Team Community Groups

Try It and Watch What Happens 

Past profits do not indicate future results. We will give you everything you need to be successful. but it's up to you to plan the work and work the plan. What I want you to understand is that if you decide to join the company, you are not bound by any contracts or obligations to stay. While we can't think of any good reason a person would want to discontinue, please know that you can cancel at anytime. 

Don’t just take our word for it! Look at what others have to say about our team training and support.

Bee E.

Online Marketing Leader

I had come to the conclusion that I was done.

After being in the network marketing industry for so many years, I thought I was done. I did very well, but not enough of my team members had the kind of success I was. Working with and this team, I've finally found something where I'm no longer the only one winning. Thanks, Ros!

Mike B.

Public Service Worker

 I understand money, so I knew I could do this.

I love the work I do and wasn't looking for something to replace that. However, being in the financial field, I understand the importance of growing your income. I work both sides of the business on a part-time basis. It's been the best decision I've made since getting my degree!

Selena G.

Financial Advisor

I proved this would work in just one day.

My mom was a successful network marketer, but I chose a different route. I found out about Forex Trading and decided that it was more my speed. I joined the company and started trading pretty quickly. In my practice account, I made money with my very first trade. I'm now a trader for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join NCREASE with this team?

What if I only want to trade and not build a team?

How do I know if this will work for me?

What if I only want to build residual income?

If I am already in NCREASE can I join your team?

What if I don't know people who want to do this?

A personal note from Ros

NCREASE has been a real blessing to me and my family and my biggest desire is to find others who are desiring to move to that next level. It doesn't matter whether you're needing more finances or just want a group of positive people to kick it with, we can provide you with either or both. I'm sure you'll find NCREASE to be one of those positive moves that you'll end up being very glad you made. Know that if we are doing it and it's working for us, you can do it too, and you have all of our support every step of the way. 


Ros Sig
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